About the book - The Achiever's Journey
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About the book

Genevieve DawidI wrote the book “the achievers journey” in 2007, as I wanted to share my life experiences.
Also, I wanted to prove the point that a dyslexic could write a book and get it published.
The book has allowed me to give back to society all that I have gained.

I had no idea that it was going to change my life as well as thousands of others.
It’s still going strong and I hope that it may inspire others to write a book or even there memoirs.

‘The Achiever’s Journey’ is a special self-mentoring book, providing readers with tried-and-tested ways of learning long-term disciplines and habits to enable them to achieve what they desire – in all areas of their life.

It also includes a partial biography of Genevieve Dawid’s extraordinary life experiences; the many obstacles and traumas she faced and the methods she used to successfully overcome them.

Genevieve had a very challenging start to life. Born dyslexic and dyspraxic and her feet the wrong way round.

On top of that, she was put up for adoption at just one month old. Luckily, she gained wonderful new parents who not only loved and accepted her exactly as she was, but also created effective ways for her to overcome her learning difficulties as she grew up. Through perseverance, by her late teens, Genevieve caught up academically with her peer group.

Soon she incorporated her parents’ teachings into her own unique process: to get to know herself better, discover where she wanted to go in life, and devise a blueprint to get there.
Throughout school she shared this with classmates. As it proved so popular and effective, she gradually improved these methods further, to the point where she developed this into a service and gained a well earnt reputation within the corporate sector.

Although dyslexic, Genevieve communicates well, is extrovert, and highly perceptive. She is now a highly successful consultant and mentor, for both individuals and corporations.


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