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About Genevieve Dawid

Genevieve Dawid, author of The Achiever's Journey‘Genevieve Dawid offers a very dynamic and result-oriented approach to lecturing and training in the field of dyslexia.

Her early life challenges of learning to cope with dyslexia – difficulties in correctly reading and interpreting written words – led her to explore and adopt some unique ways of coping, which she discovered worked not just for dyslexia but proved applicable in all areas of life, including: education, confidence-building, relationships, and later on, career development.

While still at school, she found herself sharing her methods with other students, and this was just the beginning of her amazing career.

Genevieve has been working as a consultant, lecturer and trainer  Internationally now for over a decade. Her work is based on the highly successful methods she has developed over the years.

A wide variety of methods include learning and incorporating new ways of consciously changing thought patterns to help dyslexics realise their potential,  through to adopting practical strategies for a more effective, stress-free, enjoyable life-style and career. 

Her Worldwide Interactive lectures have enabled her work to reach a far larger audience.

Genevieve is also a Guest speaker and Port / destination lecture.


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