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Famous Dyslexics and Entrepreneurs


One in five entrepreneurs are dyslexic: Management and Business News, 24/8/2006.

I have found society as a whole underestimates dyslexics; not  realising that it is a gift.  This is a partial list of famous dyslexics  who have made a major impact in their field.


Inventors, Scientists & Engineers

Albert Einstein
Thomas Edison
Alexander Graham Bell
Henry Ford
Michael Faraday (scientist)


Writers & Artists

Leonardo Vinci
Walt Disney
Pablo Picasso
Hans Christian Anderson
Gustave Flaubert
John Irving
Agatha Christie
Jamie Oliver - chef


Politicians, Military Strategists

George Washington
General George Patton
Winston Churchill
Michael Heseltine
John F Kennedy
Carl XVI Gustaf, King of Sweden



John Lennon
Nigel Kennedy - violinist
Whoopi Goldberg
Susan Hampshire
Tom Cruise
Henry Winkler
Oliver Reed



Duncan Goodhew (Olympic swimmer)
Jackie Stewart – (grand prix racing champion)
Steve Redgrave (Brit. rower)



Nelson Rockefeller
Richard Branson
F.W. Woolworth
William Hewlett – Hewlett Packard
Ted Turner – Turner Broadcasting
Charles Schwab – investor
Ingrar Kampred – IKEA founder


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