Explaining dyslexia
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- Genevieve Dawid


How Christmas changed my life - by a Dyslexic

Genevieve was born with dyslexic and dyspraxic and struggled with her reading at school. One Christmas her mother used a simple ruler and card and totally transformed her way of learning.


Recruiting Dyslexics

In 1997, my business partner and I formed an international recruitment company. My partner was in charge of the junior recruitment division. My role was to assess, select and mentor applicants for senior management roles in leading, international companies. Our research involved tracking all of our placements and closely following trends within the recruitment market place. For example, over a ten-year period, we discovered on average that 50% of senior managers didn't gain promotion by having a degree; they were promoted internally. Whilst tracking these results month-by-month, year-by-year we also started to notice that approximately 40% of our candidates were dyslexic to some degree.


Dyslexia Parenting
When I was a child, dyslexia had hardly been heard of. My parents invented ways of learning which were ground breaking and really helped with my learning. However, if diagnosis and support isn’t offered by schools, dyslexic children are definately at a massive disadvantage to their peers who are without the learning difficulty.


Explaining Dyslexia
As a dyslexic, writing my first, recently published book, ‘The Achiever’s Journey’ (www.theachieversjourney.com) I quickly realised that people were generally not well informed about dyslexia – what it is and how it affects people’s daily lives. Some people see it as a stigma, others believe it to be brain damage; neither of which is true.


Famous dyslexics
Although dyslexics consistently experience difficulties in learning, reading and interpeting numbers, it is well documented that they are highly gifted in other areas. Genevieve Dawid highlight some of the famous dyslexics and their achievements.


Why are mentors so popluar
Genevieve Dawid explores why many CEOs and MDs now actively seek mentoring to advance their careers, and personal development.


Dyslexia is a Gift, not a Stigma
Something like one in ten people have dyslexia - irrespective of intelligence or background - Genevieve Dawid explores some of the misunderstandings and misconceptions about living with dyslexia.


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