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The Achiever's Journey use Paypal for our online transactions.

If you've never used Paypal before, don't worry, you do NOT have to sign up for anything or be a Paypal member to order from us. Payments can be made quickly and easily. You'll simply be asked for your credit card and shipping info when you order and that's all there is to it. Your shipping information will then be emailed to us and we will dispatch your order.

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What makes Paypal the best choice for online payments?

When you place an order through the Paypal system, no one sees your credit card or bank information, not even the merchant (The Achiever's Journey).

The payment gets processed instantly using the most advanced security measures available today. All we see is your shipping information and the item(s) you ordered. You will then recieve an email notification showing the transaction details and we'll also send you an email when the item has been shipped.

There's no better way to order online. Millions of people are now using Paypal throughout the world.

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