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Genevieve Dawid - book “The Achievers Journey”

If you need one book, to change either your life or your career, this is that book. It is the explicit guide to on how to focus on what is essential.

Guy Caplin - Television Director and producer


Genevieve Dawid – One to one life coach

Being able to advise and guide people through personal difficulties and steer them towards any sort of situation takes many qualities in a person.
Genevieve posses these talents in abundance, she is also understanding and sympathetic

Mark Raffaty – West End Theatre, Lead Singer, London


Genevieve Dawid – Lecture Oxford University

Your lecturer was thought provoking and life changing. I wish to keep in regular contact with you throughout my life and career to always ensure that I am on track.

Hu Hong
University College, Oxford


Genevieve Dawid - Lectures

I describe Genevieve David’s day courses as excellent and unique. She is very supportive and informative.

Jonathan Gallagher – Princes trust


Genevieve Dawid - Day courses

An unexpected opportunity to look at a different way of personal development. Always interesting to meet a variety of new people and pick up idea’s. Genevieve’s course was interesting, varied in content and pace.

S.Hughs, Partnership Director, Learning and skills centre


Genevieve Dawid - Seminar

So nice to spend a day working on myself for personal development. 
The course is very interesting and thought provoking

S.Ambridge – Skills and training co-ordinator Dorset Business


Genevieve Dawid – Lecture Oxford University

Thank you for a fantastic lecture – I didn’t know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised about what I learnt about my self.  You have a wealth of experience

Carol Denver – Oxford University


Genevieve Dawid - Lecture

Genevieve has great energy and personal development experience. 
Her experience of life experiences brings the content to life.

Victoria Ritchie – Senior – Bank of Scotland


Genevieve Dawid – Lecture/course

Genevieve David’s courses and lectures are excellent and identifying strengths you didn’t know you had.

C. Halpin - Princes Trust


Genevieve Dawid - Day courses

Thank you for a great day! 5 star rating for day course content, presentation, organisation and venue.

Mr Andrew Riza, Managing Director – Dream Design


Genevieve Dawid – One to one dyslexic coaching

Genevieve’s a great coach for anyone – she’s confidential and brilliant!

Kathy Smith


Genevieve Dawid - book “The Achievers Journey”

I really like the inspirational “sayings” and I learnt from the book that you can’t expect life to all ways be in a straight line – it is indeed a journey.

Tony Hobbs - Guernsey


Genevieve Dawid - book “The Achievers Journey”

I’ve just lost my partner to cancer. Life’s not easy right enough. The book has given me the inspiration to go on. I found it easier to read the whole book first and then do all of the exercises.

H.Booke - Newcastle


Genevieve Dawid - Day courses

The personal development course content was delivered in a very accessible way, informative and thought provoking. The course is an excellent way to take time to reflect and re-evaluate your self.

Stuart Ward – Operations Manager, Chewton Glen Hotel and spa


Genevieve Dawid - book “The Achievers Journey”

I find the book fascinating. Ideal for anyone connected with dyslexia. I’ve never read a self help book before, but this is different and has inspired me.

Caroline Hunt Lymington, Hampshire


Genevieve Dawid - book “The Achievers Journey”

I prefer to read novels and didn’t really understand life coaching, but I did find after reading “The Achiever’s Journey” I could finally open up and show my emotions and inner feelings.

Mrs Joyal - Christchurch


Genevieve Dawid - book “The Achievers Journey”

I’m dyslexic but not being a self-help person – I was sceptical as to what it would do for me. To my amazement the book did a great deal for me – I can now determine where I want to get to in life and have charted the steps to get there. I’m well on my way and its feeling great! I’m now proud to be dyslexic.

David Harris - Hants


Genevieve Dawid - book “The Achievers Journey”

It’s a marvellous book, it really is! I’ve read it twice and still find new things to inspire me. The final chapter about counting your achievements has made me realise that I’ve achieved far more in life than I had previously thought.

T. McDonald - Edinburgh


Genevieve Dawid - book “The Achievers Journey”

An interesting book to read. However, it was my daughter who got more out of the book as she is at a cross roads in her life. The section where Genevieve shares her expertise and experience of assessing personnel really will benefit those looking for a new job or career.

Anne Tisson - Southampton


Genevieve Dawid - One to one mentoring

I receive life coaching by Genevieve Dawid. 
She is confidential, brilliant and has changed my life! 
Her book “the achievers Journey” enables her to help many others.

Donna Heath, New Milton, Hampshire


Genevieve Dawid – One to one coaching

Genevieve is really wonderful, caring and compassionate. 
She has taught me so much in such a short amount of time.
Thank you

Catherine Crane


Genevieve Dawid – Guest Speaker, on Cruise ships

Genevieve is completely dedicated to her work considering all that she has been through herself. I find her an inspiration.
I attended all her brilliant presentations.

Linda Johnston


 Genevieve Dawid - book “The Achievers Journey”

I like the saying “don’t look back unless that’s the way you want to go”. Decided to implement my goals and moved house after reading the book.

TJ Ward - Bournemouth


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